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I saw it while scrolling on the feed and I thought I should try it as I spend so much time watching Series and Movies.Check out the original.


  • Favorite male character
fighter, game, and husband image
Dastan(Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time)
  • Favorite female character
job, movie, and pizza image
Harper( Set it up)
  • Favorite actor
jake gyllenhaal image
Jake Gyllenhaal( Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time, The day after tomorrow, etc)
  • Favorite actress
actress, beauty, and brown eyes image
Ellen Page <3 ( The Umbrella academy, Juno, etc)
  • Favorite movie couple
Image removed
Darcy & Elizabeth- I had to :)) (Pride and prejudice)
  • Favortie movie franchise
hero, Marvel, and movies image
Spider-Man-Tobey Maguire(my favorite spider-man)
  • Favorite movie from the franchise
2004, Marvel, and spiderman image
Spider-man 2
  • Favorite action movie
the bourne ultimatum image
The Bourne Ultimatum
  • Favorite romance movie
funny, movie, and 10 things i hate about you image
10 things i hate about you
  • Favorite movie according to a real story
the revenant image
The Revenant
  • Favorite crime movie
Temporarily removed
Baby driver
  • Favorite adventure movie
comedy movies, seasons, and funny movies image
  • Favorite 90ยดs movie
Clueless, 90s, and movie image
  • Favorite Disney princess
Image by โœจAngeliki ~ The MoonlightBaeโœจ
  • Favorite superhero(s)
Temporarily removed
Wonder Woman
flash, impulse, and wally west image
The Flash
  • Favorite musical
disney, beautiful, and princess jasmine image
  • Favorite horror movie
Abusive image
  • Favorite movie based on a book
eva green image
Miss Peregrine
  • A movie that reminds me of my childhood
Image by ๐Ÿท
Home Alone


  • Favorite male character
gif, skye, and phil coulson image
Phil Coulson, because he's awesome. (Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.)
  • Favortie Female character
series, brooklyn 99, and gina linetti image
Gina Linetti-the human form of the 100 emoji (Brooklyn nine-nine)
  • Favorite actor
Image removed
Andy Samberg ( Brooklyn nine-nine, SNL, etc)
  • Favorite actress
poetry, sad, and quote image
Eva Green ( Penny Dreadful, etc)
  • Favorite TV franchise
Image removed
  • Favorite TV show from the TV franchise
the flash, grant gustin, and barry allen image
The Flash
  • Favorite drama series
80s, eleven, and mike wheeler image
Stranger things
anne shirley, cute, and lucas jade zumann image
Anne with an e
  • Favorite teen series
teen wolf, tyler posey, and sciles image
Teen Wolf
  • Favorite thriller series
game of thrones, direwolf, and house stark image
Game of thrones
  • Favorite action series
Temporarily removed
Avatar:the last air bender
  • Favorite series couple(s)
artemis, wally, and kid flash image
Wally West-Kid Flash & Artemis(Young Justice League)
brooklyn nine nine, jake peralta, and amy santiago image
Jake Peralta and Amy Santiago (Brooklyn nine-nine)
  • Favorite cartoon tv series
Temporarily removed
Young Justice League
Temporarily removed
Gravity falls
  • Favorite crime series
bruce wayne, edit, and fandom image
  • Series I recommend
elementary, sherlock holmes, and lucy liu image

Well, this was a certainly long article, thank you for sticking up until the end.
Some of these might not fall into just one category.For example, Gotham is an action, crime and drama series but I choose to put it in the "Favorite crime series" so, sorry if the category isn't exact.The same thing goes with the actors who may play in both series and movies.
Have a great day!