♥ Mindset

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Finding your own style is crucial and what better way is there than browsing magazines or getting inspired by celebrities and photos.
☆ Confidence
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Confidence is one of the most important things in fashion and having confidence in your clothes will make them look a 100% better. Wearing clothes you are comfortable with will give you an extra boost so don't wear something uncomfortable just because it's pretty.
☆ Attitude
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The attitude you display while wearing your outfits will affect how your outfit looks. Smiling and having a happy facial expression will make you look more put together and confident. Don't forget, a smile is your biggest accessory.
☆ Vibe
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Having a solid vibe to your clothing makes you look more put together. Don't give mixed signals about your style.

✶ Style

☆ Balanced Silhouettes
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You can achieve this by balancing tight, oversized or baggy clothing. For example: wearing a tight top with baggy pants or skinny jeans with an oversized shirt.
☆ Physique
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Wear clothes that enhance the parts of your body you find pretty and are confident with. For example; if your collarbones are pretty show them off by not wearing any jewellery, if you have pretty hands wear rings that way they will catch more attention. So by choosing what you wear while considering your features you will look more stylish and elegant. Flaunt whatever you want.
☆ Wrinkles
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If you want to look put together and professional ironing your clothes is a MUST. You wouldn't want to look like you just got out of bed. This will also make you clothes last longer.
☆ Color Coordination
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This is a little harder to pull off but if you pick your cards right you look elegant and luxurious. Start putting this outfit together by selecting a color that suits you. It can be a vibrant color (red, yellow), neutral color (beige) or even a pastel color (pastel pink, pastel blue). To finish it off wearing black or nude shoes will make the outfit more put together.
☆ Matching Hardware and Accessories
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Hardware is the metal you find on the handle of your bags, the small details in your jeans and jackets along with it's zipper and buttons or the details you can find on your shoes. It may seem small but matching these things will make a big difference.
☆ Illusions
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If you want to look taller; wear high waisted, short clothes, crop tops, vertical striped designs.
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If you want to look shorter; wear oversized and baggy outfits, mom jeans.
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If you want to look slimmer; wear fitted or tight clothes, belts, skinny jeans, black outfits.

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