This is one of my Favorite Articles, because ive experienced this type of violence in my life at one point. I want all the woman to know my story,the mixed emotions I was feeling and that I didn't love myself,And thanks to my higher power I now think different about myself,about others,about the whole beating are not alone!

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I was only 16 years old when I first experienced Physical violence and let me tell you right now.....There's more to Physical Abuse,there's Emotional Abuse, Financial Abuse,Sexual Abuse,Spiritual Abuse,Technological Abuse.
Those are all the types of Domestic Violence.
My ex-boyfriend which is the father of my son was 18 at that time when he started beating on me and then it continued with emotional abuse and he started sexually abusing me in very awful ways too.
I allowed all those in my life, I started noticing that I didn't feel good about my self, I felt like I deserved it for talking back or upsetting him, I couldn't wear makeup or wear shorts or dresses, And when his friends were around I had to stare at the floor at all time's and I thought that was okay......I thought he loved me for being so over protective but in reality it wasn't and it was very toxic.

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Now.... the only way I survived all that and realized that I deserved better was with the help of my Higher Power :)
He healed me, He opended my eyes, He taught me what real love is.
All I did was call his name, begged him to help me choose better decisions for my relationship...I was totally honest to my father I told him how tired I was of getting beat on and that I wanted a better man and a better me, & most of all I wanted to know how to love myself first.
And he sure changed me, i made better choices of who i wanted in my life....I didn't tolerate any type of violence.....Now till this day I don't talk to my son's father. I never want to go through that ever again.
I choose HAPPINESS :)

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Remember to love yourself first and to not tolerate any type of abuse, You are not alone!!

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Well that's all for today, Thanks for taking your time to Read my article...there will be more so i hope you check them out!!

xoxo J.R xoxo