This works for your sun, moon, rising/ascendant, and venus sign (if it involves a relationship). Also, these are general readings, these don't apply to everyone. If you want a personal reading, just message me.

Aries: You want to achieve something so badly and you want it now, but success comes with time. This might involve choosing between two things you desire. Whatever choice you make, you're going to be happy.

Taurus: People might see you as anxious when on the inside, you're fine. Like Aries, you might have to make a decision about something. It might make you stressed, but follow your intuition.

Gemini: You're building your way into harmony, but you might be indecisive about something. Maybe even trapped.

Cancer: Something is being taken down and a new start is heading your way. Fight for it, its what you desire.

Leo: There might be a lot of emotional healing. You also might be hiding from something because of authority. Don't worry, it's only going to get better. For some Leo's, I'm seeing a new relationship.

Virgo: You don't want anything to change right now. You may be desiring a relationship, but you want to take some time for yourself.

Libra: You have this passion for falling in love right now, but success comes with time.

Scorpio: Might be some conflicts, but you're using your desire to get out of it. You're going to start a new journey. You're trying to move on through and follow the light.

Sagittarius: New transformation (I'm seeing an ending to a relationship). You're moving towards having this freedom and time to yourself before moving back into another relationship.

Capricorn: You're going to be stuck between a journey for something you desire, or happiness. You want security badly, so you think you have a good strategy to get it.

Aquarius: You're going to be stuck when it comes to luxury. Your not sure about your strategy. Either come at it with a clear mind or over powering. This may leave you to be very independent.

Pisces: You're rising to what your heart wants and you're going to get it.