As a big fan of weheartit and a web developer myself, I am very interested in the features of this site! I am aware that everything costs money and that many of these things might be difficult to implement, but I just wanted to get my ideas out there!

These are all for the desktop site, but the same stuff usually goes for the mobile apps.

So without further ado:

1. Mass editing of hearts

Basically: On my canvas, I want to be able to select multiple heart quickly and then perform actions like unhearting, deleting (for own posts), removing from collections, adding to collections, moving from one to another collection, etc.

For selection, there should not only the be usual "select the hearts by clicking", but also buttons for "Select first 100", "Select today's hearts", "Select all hearts in no collection", "Select my posts", and similar.

2. Adding to collections quicker

I personally don't use collections much... Why? Because it takes long to add a heart to a collection - at least compared to simply hearting it. With the mass editing as I suggested above this could already be done quicker: Heart a bunch of images, then move them all into a collection. But I still think it should be quicker in general.

So right now we have to click on the collection icon, wait for the list to load, select one or more collections, and click "Done".

Now let's say you're browsing the #fashion tag and adding posts to your "fashion" collection. You have to do this every. single. time. So what to do?

Add a "Quick Add" feature for the 3 (or so) most recently used collections! These could be under the "Collection", "Share", and "Message" button, so that there is only 1 click necessary.

3. Better article editor

Besides putting the formatting guidelines which are currently on the "How to write articles" page somewhere on the actual editing page, there are 4 other things I would love:

1. A bigger preview. Why is it so narrow even on big screens? It's annoying!

2. Using hearts as cover image. Let's face it, most people just download an image they have hearted and then upload it as cover image. Why not simply paste the link to a heart so that that one can be used as a cover image, without all the hassle! Then there should also be a link like "View cover image" for the finished article, so that readers can view the post. (Yay attribution!)

3. Choosing a grid type for multiple images. Currently multiple images always turn into a grid with two columns. I think it would be great to somehow define how many columns i want to use. At least a choice between 2 and 3.

4. Saving articles as drafts, so that I can take breaks writing them.

4. Comments on articles

Yeah, that's about it. Please let us comment on articles!

5. Groups instead of some channels

I think channels themselves are a great feature. But which topics are channels and which aren't seems kind of arbitrary. In my opinion, they should general topics, like: "GIFs", "Food", etc. However, topics like "Disney", "Harry Potter", etc seem kind of out of place...

So my suggestion: Keep channels, but make them quite general. Just the most common topics and themes used as tags, but excluding tv shows and other fandoms.

Instead, for these, we could have groups! A group would be like a channel - so a kind of "special tag" an image can be posted in. But unlike channels they would be created by users themselves, and would be like tiny communities.

There could be a group page, with an overview of all the groups you are a member of (or follow), and a list of the groups with the most members, and a search function so that everyone can search for a group of their favorite tv show etc.

Groups have feeds (that you can also add to your homepage, or not, if you don't want to), and a list of members, and maybe even with small forums?

Personally I think it would be good if groups must be approved by a moderator/admin before being public. In that way we could make sure that there are no duplicate groups (for example two "Disney" groups), and no rule-breaking group names etc.

6. Working user links in notifications

I have noticed that the usernames in notifications for reactions are not actually linking to the user, but to your post. That needs a fix!

7. "My Articles" tab on profile

Just like a user's posts, there should be a tab for just the original articles.

8. Clicking outside of a popup to close it

I don't want to aim for the "X" every time! (Note: This already works on the very edges, but not anywhere else)

9. Pagination setting

Infinite scrolling isn't always the best option. Please let us choose to manually go to the next/previous page!

10. Featured collections

A feature that lets you choose up to 4 collections that will show up right at the top of your profile, maybe with a pink border or in any other way emphasised!

11. Prettier profile text

The position and appearance of the profile text (and the username right underneath it) isn't optimal.

If you have a suggestion yourself, please write me and I will add it here! Maybe one day the we♥it team will see it!
Edit: The Whi Team featured this article on the articles page! Thank you!!!

(Btw I am currently working on a browser extension for mass editing! I will be posting an article once it's done, so make sure to follow me!)