Hello everyone. I just first want to say thank you so much for the amount of love on my last article. It gained about 70 hearts in the first two days it was up which is insane for me. Today I'm going to be doing an article about how I'd be if I were a fairy. I pretty sure this falls under the "If I Were a Mythological Being" (or something of that sort) tag. I can never remember the true name of the tag so a lot of these questions I gathered from "regular" tags. Enjoy

Name: Princess Lucine Jyotsna-Callisto
Meaning: Moons, Moonlight

girl, hair, and beauty image beauty image Temporarily removed tattoo, ankle, and moon image
Apperance: grey/silver hair, naturally curly of course, grey eyes, astronomy tattoos, melanin infused (obvi)
clock, aesthetic, and vintage image clock, watch, and time image Temporarily removed art, autoral, and ideas image
Power(s): Bending time and shadows
fashion, style, and girl image fashion, jeans, and outfit image fashion, outfit, and style image adidas, shoes, and black image
Everyday Style: comfy, grey, black, white, sweaters, jeans
accessories, accessory, and clothes image fashion, style, and outfit image blue, fashion, and girl image blue, dress, and fashion image
Dressed up Style: chic. grey, blue, black
blue dress, cinderella, and fairy image girl, formal dresses, and tulle prom dress image Image by Amy Lynn hair, braid, and hairstyle image
Royal Style (balls,cotillion, banquets)
Temporarily removed aesthetic, blue, and celebrity image alone, art, and bath image Temporarily removed
Fairy Appearance;
art, beautiful, and blue image eye, eyebrows, and eyeliner image girl, makeup, and beauty image melanin, makeup, and beauty image
Makeup: long lashes. blush, glowing
Mature image study, school, and college image quotes, poem, and book image book, books, and poem image
Personality: hardworking, brave, generous, equitable
Temporarily removed food, sweet, and fall image makeup, girl, and aesthetic image ballet, dance, and art image
Hobbies: music, baking, ballet

That's all for this article. Sorry that everything was all over the place but as I mentioned I couldn't really find proper questions for this. I hope you enjoyed this. I personally love fairies a lot so this idea was perfect for me. Until next time. Bye, loves

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