I know this is so unrealistic but whatever, but a girl can dream am i right.

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group name: n!ght l!ght (night light)
members: bang soobin (Olivia), Yung so-Yi, chu Soo-Yeon (meg), and Nam Jin-Ju
company: JYP Entertainment
fandom name: stars
debut: February 2th 2018
concept: girl crush

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first mini-album: SHINNING
01. SHINNING title track
02. society (사회)
03. savior (구조자)

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sixth mini-album: My Way
01. My Way
02. Troublemaker (말썽 꾸러기)
03. Troublemaker (English version)
04. I'm With You (난 당신과 함께 있어요)

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basic info
real name: bang Soobin - 수빈
English: name: Olivia
stage name: Soobin
birthday: 18th January 2001
Zodiac: Capricorn
age: 18
nationality: Australian- Korean
birthplace: Sydney, Australia
company: jyp
training period: 6 years
Position: leader, lead rapper, main vocalist, dancer and producer
she's bang chan's little sister

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Click here if you want to know more about her:

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she has a very simple but cute style, she's not really into fashion tho.

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basic info
real name: Yung so-Yi
stage name: soyi
birthday: December 27th, 2001
Zodiac: Capricorn
age: 18
nationality: Korean
birthplace: Seoul Korea
company: jyp
training period: 2,5 years
Position: lead dancer, visual and vocalist
sexuality: lesbian

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basic info
real name: chu Soo-Yeon
stage name: meg
English name: meg
birthday: April 14th, 2000
Zodiac: Aries
age: 18
nationality: Korean - dutch
birthplace: Amsterdam
company: jyp
training period: 5 years
Position: oldest lead vocalist and producer

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basic info
real name: Nam Jin-Ju
stage name: Jinju
birthday: July 15th, 2002
Zodiac: Cancer
age: 17
nationality: Korean
birthplace: Busan
company: jyp
training period: 2 years
Position: main rapper, visual and maknea

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extra facts about n!ght l!ght :
- soobin and meg are long-time friends, they used to train together.
- they are very close with the members of stray kids
- all the members speak good English.
- soobin and meg produce all their songs and soyi makes the choreography.
- soyi is the first lesbian kpop idol participating in an idol group.
- all the members respect and support soyi and the lgbtq+ community
- Jinju is still in school
-Jinju didn't appear in the promotions of my way because of school exames.
- soyi is the only one who has her driver's license.
- soobin loves little mix, she once said in an interview that she always wanted to be like them when she was little.
- their songs are mostly about feminism and about loving yourself.

1. sooyeon (soobin and meg) the most popular one because of their long-time friendship and because they're freaking loud ALL THE DAMN TIME. the mom and dad of the group. Jinju and soyi are the main supporters of sooyeon

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2. jinyi (Jinju and soyi) the second most popular ship. soyi always shows her love and affection to Jinju but keeps teasing her and keeps making fun of her. they came up with their own ship name.

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idol friends:

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soyi and seungmin (stray kids) bestie since trainee days
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meg and jaemin (nct dream) jaemin was soyi first boyfriend but they broke up when meg became a trainee. some nctzen think that jaemin still has feelings for her because of the way he talks about her in vlives but according to soyi their just friends.
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meg and hyunjin (stray kids) besties since trainee days. stays and stars ship them.
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Jinju and jimin (BTS) Jinju was in a BTS video. they still hangout from time to time.
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soobin and chan (stray kids) SIBLINGS
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Jinju and moonbin (Astro) their parents are really close
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soobin and sunmi sunmi really helped soobin go true her trainee years.
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meg, soobin, seungmin and jeongin (stray kids) trainee friends
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soobin, minho and woojin trainee friends
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soobin and han jisung (stray kids) there have been dating rumors going around about them but jyp didn't confirm anything. stays and stars ship them.