Hey guys

For a while I have forgotten what its like to be comfortable in your own skin. Since I have started working on myself, I have felt so much better. It took me a while to find ways to do so, but something that I have learned is that its all in the little things. This is a list of things that I find have helped me, maybe someone reading this might get inspired. Just little suggestions, but if it doesn't suit some of you, I really do suggest to discover for yourself your little enjoyable moments:)

Visit downtown or your city by yourself

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Put in your music, take the subway, the bus, the train, dress up, try new coffee shops, go into small local shops, thrift, go on a new adventure and discover your city for yourself. Buy a fun drink and walk around, get lost and don't look at your phone.

Keep organized

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Idk about you but when my room is messy so is my head. If I stay on top of my notes and lectures and not trip on garbage when walking around in my room I feel like I am the shit. Also, colourful writing utensils keep me going, they make me so happy for some reason 10/10 recommend.

Surround yourself with nature

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It'll take care of you, not much more I can say. Take a nature walk or a hike and breath.

Culture yourself hahah idk how to put this

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Go visit the art museum, read a book, watch foreign films, see old architecture. Go see pretty things, Go read pretty words and go hear pretty sounds

Be eco-friendly

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Kind of like surround yourself with nature, but I mean more like try to take care of the planet. I know that with myself I developed a better sense of purpose and self respect when I became devoted to making eco-conscious decisions. For example-> Go to a climate change protest, make a depop account, thrift, buy local, bus, don't buy unnecessary plastic, don't eat meat, grow a vegetable garden idk. I swear this made me feel better hahah

Find little hobbies

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I painted a skateboard the other day and I was so proud. That second pic is a live photo of me writing this article. I picked up the guitar and paid for this app that taught me pretty quickly. This keeps me productive and motivated, I really enjoy these moments.

Conclusion: the little things

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My point is that I am learning to love myself by finding me and owning me. I am learning by finding life's beautiful details and appreciating them. I found out, that there's more to coping than only dyeing my hair and getting piercings/tattoos, although I have no regrets and I definitely will continue. Make a bullet journal, eat sorbet, drive and scream sing a song with the windows down, make a poem, talk to someone new, find an underrated artist, obsess over a show. Whatever you find, whatever you learn to love, own it. "If you see beauty in something, don't wait for others to agree." - Sherihan Gamal

Do it with you, for you.
Thanks for reading, if you read this far thanks so much
love you

- Belle

Also all these pics are mine so that's why the article isn't that aesthetic lool