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After I wrote my article 'We Are Dying', I am happy to see that other people start to speak up and share the news that most of us heard from big influencers. I didn't see any articles about the Amazonian fire, and I decided to write that article. And I'm proud of it and proud of all the people that speak up. 🌳

❀ Ecosia
(credit: @puppyyyy12)
The person I tagged above messaged me and we talked about my article. @puppyyyy12 has an article that I linked above, and it talks about an app called 'Ecosia'.
Ecosia is a browser that you can use everyday (you can set it as your browser) and on every 45th search you plant a tree! There are almost 70,000,000 trees planted across the world. They also have a YouTube channel that you can check out. Also, there's a mobile app and you can browse on it. I started using it on my laptop and phone. :)

here's a link:

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❀ Eat, but buy less
Food is eaten a lot, but as much as it's eaten it's also thrown. 1/3 of America's food is thrown away because when you go grocery shopping, you buy more than you need. And the food goes into the trash, rots, and then turns into methane (which stinks by the way).

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❀ Petition
There are a lot of petitions for cleaning polluted places, oceans, planting trees,... I came across a site that planed to plant a billion trees (not sponsored), and they say that they know it's a really big number, but they really plan to do it. If you want to use that petition, you can donate minimum $25. If you wan't to petition somewhere, first check out their work and the accomplishments they've done. Or you can simply start planting on your own or with close friends & family.

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❀ Recycle
As much as ' basic ' as it sounds, it works. You can look up thousands of ways to recycle something. Plastic bags 'live out' about more than 500 years. Don't throw trash in the oceans. You can make a lot of cool things by recycling. Also, you can donate old clothes, which also helps in a way.

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❀ Ride a bike, use the bus, metro
Instead of driving a car to work/school/univeristy every day, you can go by bike or a bus. In my country our capital city is really polluted in winters and that is because there's too much buildings, too much people and the city isn't quite the biggest for the number of people. There's a lot of toxic gas and people are in danger from getting cancer. It's one, or maybe the first in pollution in Europe (our capital city) and that really saddens me. I have a relative that lives there and I know that for years she goes to work by bike and her workplace isn't quite close to her home. I adore her and her energy! :)

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❀ Create another account on social media
You can also share the word of your work; cleaning polluted areas, the work of your community, planting, recycling & other great things you've done. You can 'wake up' more people that need to realize that climate change is a real thing and it is affecting our nature.

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