The Amazon and Siberia are burning. As they burn it has lit my mind and heart on fire.

Even when my mind is usually calm like ocean the flames have taken over it. Even when my heart is usually peacful and blue it has now red rage all over it.

As the world keeps on burning our sky is slowly falling down.

The thing we breath, air. The most important thing that helps us to live.

We breath with our lungs. The lungs of the world is the Amazon. The forest that is burning now. How can be breath normally if our lungs are collapsing.

How can people São Paulo see through the smoke and breath healthy air when all the smoke is there.

Where can animals of Siberia and Amazon run when their homes are on fire.

They need our help but how can we help those in need when we don't know almost nothing about the situation.

Why doesn't media speak about this more. This is serious thing.

If this keeps going on. Maybe tomorrow is the day we can't breath anymore.