basic info

name: Celine Perez
birth: april 23, 2002
zodiac: taurus
sexuality: bissexual

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hair dyed in purple, green and strong eyes, pretty smile and skinny body
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everyday very casual, somethig red or white


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prom & parties // casual dresses white and black with beautiful earrings
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Celine is a very clever girl, she is ambitious and a loner. She doesn't have many friends and unlike her sister she is not the life of the party. She likes to sit far away from the drama but always has a eye on everything that happens. She knows everything about everyone.
Celine is patient, rude, honest, humble, sensitive, private, quiet, sarcastic and funny. She is the writter of her own story.

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love interest
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She used to have an crush on Cassie when they were little kids but she never told anyone. She also had a crush on Mckay before he and Cassie started dating.

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She is a loner, she likes to be alone like the moon. So she's not popular like her sister, not even close to her even though she knows everything that happened with Nate. The only friend she has is Ethan.

note: I wasn't about to talk about this but did you listen to Jungkook's song in that scene where Kat kisses Ethan. I can't deal with that, Jungkook's voice is really something else...