Stay Cool and Hydrated
In summer our skin needs regular moisturizer and hydration. Dehydrated skin is caused when our skin loses its moisture level and water content making it look dull and dry. It happens when we take less fluid than losing.

How to stay hydrated?
For staying hydrated externally one should apply moisturizer every day as soon as getting out of the shower, select the right moisturizer depending on your skin kind.
For hydration from inside, drink loads of water to cover the loss of body water in the form of sweat also include vegetables and seasonal fruits in your diet that contain water in them like watermelon, cucumber, guava red peppers; etc.

Never skip your Sunscreen
Do make sure to apply your sunscreen 10 minutes before going outdoor. If you are staying out for a longer time then make sure to reapply your sunscreen. Always buy a sunscreen with an SPF of at least 30.

Cooling Face Masks
A good way to deal with the skin concerns in summer is a cooling face mask. Face masks made with ingredients like mint, aloe vera, curd keeps the skin fresh and cool during the scorching hot summer.

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