Although I had always been bad at dancing, he could help me like no one else; he made It sound so easy.

And, while we were dancing, we were inventing new steps dance until we no longer needed them, cause we learned to fly.

I felt free, It was so good that I decided that I would never stop dancing. I would dance forever. We would never get tired.

I wondered If I would be able to dance without him someday. I was scared, but he told me he would be always there.

The saddest part Is that It was too late when I realised he was gone for a long time. All that was left was his ghost. It was the 7th song, but he was gone even before the third one. I never knew why.

I was just a simple dancer driven by the illusions of a soul. It was really sad to know that I danced, almost the whole time, with his ghost. I was alone.

- F.R.Flor