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Welcome to one more article! Today I will show you everything I have in my pencil case. This year I decided to be as minimal as possible and all the school material I chose was thinking about the environment too. Hope you like it! Thanks for 6k! You can join me on Instagram @wtvjeni. If someone wants to make a collab, just send me a message.

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I've been using the same pencil holder for years, it's an eastpak pencil holder, it has great quality and anyone looking for a good pencil holder that lasts for years, years and years, I advise this.

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don't buy pencil cases every school year, they're buying unnecessary things and they're not helping the environment.
  • black pen
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I have two black pens in my pencil holder for obvious reasons. I have one Energel X pentel and the other is from Muji the millimeter is 0.5. They are both gel pens and I can only find my handwriting beautiful with gel pens!

  • two highlighters
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I'm going to use one of stabilo's pastel color, which was from a kit I bought last year and decided to buy a highlighter from Muji. One will be to underline important words and the other will be to underline headlines.

  • pencil
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I'm going to use a pencil instead of a pencil because pencils you use until it's over while a pencil has that plastic case. The brand I chose was staedtler, it's a brand I've been using for years and I love it.

  • eraser
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I'm going to use a regular white eraser I bought at the stationery store near my house. Don't use those pretty rubbers that have a lot of plastic, because it will take thousands of years to crumble.

  • sharpen
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Sharpen is the thing in my pencil case that gets spoiled quickly, so it is better to invest in a sharpen better, than always buying several over the year! I will use one from last year, which is from Faber Castell.

  • post-its
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This is essential for me, because I always need to write something down or in the books, or little tips the teacher says during class, so this is essential. Honestly, I don't know the mark of my post-its, but you can find post-its around the corner.

  • ruler
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Lastly I have a ruler because I have math so it's very necessary!

Until next article!
All the love Jéni Xx