beauty is within you.
beauty is your laugh.
beauty is what you radiate to the world, just with your face and body.
beauty is the way you act, walk and talk.
beauty is being confident and happy in your own skin.
beauty is self care.
beauty is love.

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Natural beauty is what you were born with and what you've grown to become in the years that you've lived. It's your skin, your hair, your eyes, your lips, your body. These are things you should be proud of, because they are yours. They are the things that make you you for people that look at you.

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That's why I believe beauty is what comes from within. If you don't feel good about something or yourself, other people can see it on your outside. The same thing for when you do feel good: it makes you glow. Our face enables us to express our feelings, our mouth enables us to share our thoughts, meanings and wisdoms with others and our body enables us to move in a certain way. These three things condition how others think about us and how they see us and our beauty, and you should use them for your own good.

I believe it's best to embrace the way you look, because your self worth being dependent on make-up isn't going to make you happy. If you feel like you need to cover up your skin or put mascara on, it won't make you happier. It's going to make you insecure when you're not able to do so, and that last thing is what others see. After four years of wearing make-up to school every day, I went to school without any a couple weeks ago. I was terrified because unconsciously, I developed the thought that the make-up I wore was what made me beautiful, not my natural beauty.

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Now, I try to use make-up only to emphasize my natural beauty, not to hide it. When I put it on now, I feel empowered and it has become a form of self care for me.

I try to get inspired by the beauty of others, instead of comparing myself to them and feel bad. When I see a picture of someone on here that I think looks beautiful, I try to think of the reason why. What feeling they radiate, how they use their beauty and how they use their make-up. Most of the times when I love a picture of someone, it's because their smile is genuine or because their make-up is original. Those two things are things I can do myself too. That's what my beauty collection is for: it's not to set a bar for what's beautiful and what is not, it's to get inspired.

Love your natural beauty & love yourself :) x