it was she again ... month after month. life was like an automated mechanism. I became calmer, more serious, more restrained. but a year has passed. one year. and I still continued to run away from everything that reminded me of her. this was until this very day.

everything seemed to be running its course and suddenly she. random meeting. timid hello. land leaving from under the feet. explosion. sleepless night. I did not understand how this happened, but inside me something turned upside down. I was not ready for this.

everything flashed involuntarily in my head: our acquaintance, the insanity of feelings and the fear that nothing would come of it. everyone was haunted by the past. Something went wrong. the risk was too great. it would be too painful to fall. strange conversation, hundreds of untold words, and We, each silently leaving our own way.

All over again. women, friends, work. things finally went uphill, and I never ceased to feel that life was going to hell. an inexplicable void formed in the soul. it was impossible to turn around. too late. everything was too much with her. I convinced myself that everything was right. not reconciled, but as if used to. and doubts and fear of error have long learned to pour alcohol.

and now ... she is here again. the sun illuminates my room, and I look at it, leaning against the wall, afraid to break this moment. she stands by the open window, her head thrown back and exposes her face to the sun's rays. warm highlights confuse in her hair, caressing her skin, paving the path from the lines of the face to the curves of the neck, collarbones, shoulders. her shoulders ... most of all I love her shoulders. she stands with her eyes closed, breathing in fresh air and smiling serenely at the new day. but I can’t take my eyes off her. I only now realize how much I missed her. she turned around. we met with glances and something in me broke off. I realized that everything was decided. this woman looked at me so that goose bumps ran through my body in an incredible stream, rushing right through my heart, right into my soul, to the origins of my existence. a strange sense of predestination arose within me ...