I grew up with We Heart It. I think I made my first account when I was 14.
Now I m 20. Thoughout the years not only the We Heart It design changed, also did I.
I fell in love, got my heart broken, graduated, started working, travelled and became an adult. For every step in my life We Heart It had the Right Pictures.
I still remember how Jay and Alexis were covering the front pages of this app and how you wished to be like them. The perfect couple .And then me and my boyfriend bacame them. I didnt need the #couplegoals anymore, cause I achieved the goals that I had bc of WHI.
I found Inspiration here, for Music, Books and TV Shows. I watched Skins because I saw it here first. And now my life is like a Episode of Skins.
Thoughout the years, I learned new languages, liked Pictures in new languages. Travelled to new places, liked Pictures from new places.
I was anonym here, but not in a scary way. I had the chance to share feelings with other people who felt the same way as I did, no names, no ages, just Pictures.
What I want to say with this article? Idk, I guess I just want to say thank you. And Maybe anyone else made the same experiences as I did.