hello whi! this is my very first article, so i hope that i did everything right. i have so many articles that i want to make, but thought this would be a great start. i want to say sorry for the length, but really i am not - kpop (and especially a certain man listed in this article) are very important to me so i felt that i should out my all into this! another related article might come out in a later date because of my too much gene (jenna marbles fans where you at?) please enjoy!


+ b i o g r a p h y

birthname Eom Raeyim
nickname(s) Nation's Older Sister, Lame (by antifans, play on name pronounciation), Queen of Manhwa
d.o.b 1992.10.03
zodiac Libra
nationality Korean
birthplace Jeju, South Korea
family Parents, older sister, close male cousin
education Chung-Ang University, Film and Theatre
religion Agnostic Theist
ideal type "Someone who makes me forget about the world outside our [romantic] bubble - and Ma Dong-Seok."

+ a p p e a r a n c e

fashion, ulzzang, and asian image ulzzang, asian, and girl image
face claim Kwak Kyeong-Ae

height 167 cm
weight 53.5 kg
hair color Charcoal brown
eye color Black-brown
features Right collarbone tattoo (fiat justitia), double eyelids, full lips

+ cl o t h i n g

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off duty
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tv appearance
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fashion, white, and style image fashion, dress, and style image
awards show
fashion, luxury, and outfit image fashion, outfit, and style image

+ p e r s o n a l i t y

coffee and confidence image Image by Jennifer Marie Stein

positive traits Determined, easy to work with, confident, peacekeeper, chic, personable, very open even with strangers

negative traits Excitable, can fall into apathy, clingy, realistic, will work herself to death

habits Obsessively applies Vaseline to lips

skills Can play guitar ; specializes in method acting ; has the ability to cry on demand ; can speak fluent Korean and Spanish ; can speak conversational English ; has a skill in conflict resolution

likes COFFEE, being scared by movies and stories, listening to differing opinions, talking to her fans through social media, receiving recommendations

dislikes Injustice, confrontational people, censorship of free speech, philanthropy in the guise of personal gain

role model(s) Jessi, Gong Yoo, Jake Gyllenhaal, Jung Yunho, Junjin, Idris Elba,Hideaki Ito

motto “Your wound is probably not your fault, but healing is your responsibility.”

+ i n t e r e s t s

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general Astronomy, politics, body horror, true crime, psychology, law enforcement, the paranormal - namely cryptozoology

food seafood (baby octopus) cheese tteokbokki, Gambas al Pil-Pil

tv shows Quiz of God, Live, Urban Cops, SBS Animal Farm, Ghost Adventures

books House of Leaves by Mark Z Danielewski, Please Look After Mom by Shin Kyungsook, The Five People You Meet in Heaven by Mitch Albom, Ring series by Koji Suzuki

movies End of Watch, New World, Silenced, Au Revoir Les Enfants, Diving Bell : The Truth Will Not Sink With the Sewol, Saw, The Wailing, Pacific Rim, The Terror Live, Tunnel, Lessons of the Evil

music B.A.P, Shinhwa, TVXQ, Jessi, Gackt, Linkin Park, John Lennon, Depeche Mode, Huh Gak

+ p r o f e s s i o n a l

jellyfish entertainment image

company Jellyfish Entertainment

training period One year, seven months

debut date 2012,12,11

debut work Courtesy ; drama (police, drama, comedy) - Officer Oh Miri (supporting actress, ep 7)

controversies Received plastic surgery in her last years of high school ; appeared nearly fully nude in a film soon after coming of age ; openly supports North Korean refugees

+ f i l m o g r a p h y

sweet guy image lovely bokhee-ssi image
  • |2012| Courtesy ; drama (police, drama, comedy) - Officer Oh Miri (supporting actress, ep 7)
  • |2013| Walls Have Ears, Doors Have Eyes ; film (horror, crime, slasher) - Choi Yeonhee (female lead)
  • |2014| Sweet Guy ; film (erotic romance) - Joo Lida (female lead)
  • |2014| Hello Counselor (reality) - guest
  • |2015| I Will Be Waiting for You in 1999 ; drama (drama, coming of age) - Han Minji (female lead)
  • |2016| His Barcode Tattoo ; drama (romance, tragedy, drama) - Minhee (female lead)
  • |2017| This Doesn’t Feel Like Me ; drama (police, action, drama, romance) - Shim Boeun (female lead)
  • |2018| Real Man 300 Special - KNPA (reality) - guest
  • |2018| Suicide Prevention Committee ; web drama (psychological, tragedy) - Red (supporting actress)
  • |2019| Ghost Teller ; film (anthology, horror) - Gumiho / Mi Sun (supporting actress)
  • |2019| SBS Animal Farm (reality) - guest appearance
  • |2019| Lovely Bokhee-ssi ; drama (romance, slice of life) - Geum Bokhee (female lead)

+ m u s i c

seoul, hangul, and bridge of life image

○ Apagando las estrellas (single)
[ 1 ] Apagando las estrellas ; like Last Song by Gackt and Don't Make Me Cry by Jessi
- in memory of her high school boyfriend who committed suicide ; music video filmed on the Bridge of Life
- “My head is too heavy to lift to the sky, so I look at the stars cradled by the river and wonder which one you are ”

+ r e l a t i o n s h i p s

ken, Leo, and n image ryu deok hwan image asian, boys, and group image Image by MokaArt

closest idol friends VIXX (especially N and Hongbin), Ryu Deok-hwan, former B.A.P members (especially Daehyun), Jessi

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boyfriend Bang Yongguk

how they met Hongbin tweeted a video of Raeyim soulfully singing part of Rain Sound which quickly spread around the website ; the two were formally introduced at Hyuk and Jongup’s graduation from Hanlim and regularly kept in contact, growing especially close during B.A.P’s lawsuit

time together 2014.12.18 - present [4years, 8 months]

status Considering themselves mutually exclusive since late 2014, the couple came out publicly on 2018.08.24 ; Raeyim moved in with Yongguk soon before his military enlistment to take care of his home and Tigger


  • Despite being public, their relationship is quite private as Yongguk is a private person and Raeyim respects him
  • Yongguk produced and composed 'Apagando las estrellas' to help Raeyim remember her boyfriend and other suicide victims
  • Raeyim has taken classes on panic disorders and how to help someone cope with anxiety attacks for Yongguk's sake
  • Yongguk thinks he is sneaky with his photography but Raeyim knows when he is taking pictures (and plays along)
kwak kyeong ae image Image by raeyim kwak kyeong ae image kwak kyeong ae image Image by raeyim kwak kyeong ae image

+ e x t r a s

  • Studied in Málaga, Spain during middle school
  • Has to be presentable, going so far as to 'dress up' even if just running to the store
  • If she were not an actress, she would be a police officer
  • Received plastic surgery after the death of her boyfriend as a way of coping
  • Most of her dramas are based off of manhwa series, earning her the name 'Queen of Manhwa'
  • named as an ambassador for the Korean National Police Agency (KNPA) alongside actor and friend Ryu Deok-hwan ; the pair modeled for promotional posters and took part in street campaigns that encourage support for police officers
  • Adopted an abused cat while on SBS Animal Farm - named him Abejundio
"Abejundio means 'bee' in Spanish. When I first met him I accidentally touched a spot where he had trauma and he stung [scratched] my hand. We learned to respect each other after that."
cat, cute, and aesthetic image