Hello!♡ Well, just like the title says: I'm going to tell you my weekend routine, my usual one, but it could change sometimes, and that's okay... sometimes you have to get out of the routine to learn and discover new things!

Let's wake up!!

I usually do so at around 7:30-8:00 am, I don't put an alarm on weekends, my body has just gotten used to going to sleep early and waking up at this time. I have noticed that I'm more productive when I wake up at this time rather than sleeping in until 10:00am, but I do that once in a while!

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Breakfast time!!

On weekends we always have way more time to make ourselves breakfast, rather than on weekdays. My favorite thing to eat on weekends is a grilled cheese sandwich, my new specialty lol, I'll put the #recipe at the end of the article! Or maybe some banana pancakes, but I haven't been doing them lately tho.

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During Breakfast

I'm always switching my activities while eating... lately I have been rewatching Once Upon a Time, so I watch an episode while eating! But sometimes I prefer to play a game on my phone or check Instagram.

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Uni Work

There's always so much I have to get done for university... I always re write my notes , for example, since the ones I take in class are a complete mess! So I do that while listening to music. I also have an online course, so I catch up on it while watching Once Upon a Time of course haha (that new Netflix update that allows you to do both is the best thing ever).

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Break time / Shower

I take more than 1 break usually, since I try not to stress too much, I just go with the flow, and try to finish everything in time. I always try my best to advance in most of my work before Sunday, since I want to have that day dedicated to me, and do what I love without any school preassure on my back.

During this break time I take a shower, as you could have already imagined. I put a face mask on, and basically have a little weekend spa for myself. After it I make myself some lunch, which is not actually a big deal... I'm a student so haha.

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Finishing Work

At around 6pm I try to be free of school work, and basically my body has also gotten used to it, and around that time I start to concentrate less, and just start being on my phone more... basically I sit on my chair for hours without doing anything, so that's why prefer to just wrap everything up and start my free time.

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Free time

If I have to do something outside my house, I go, but usually there's nothing I have to get done, and if there is it's mostly buying an avocado or printing something... nothing much lol. So, during my actual free time (Saturday's night and Sunday), I read, write, watch Netflix, play games on my phone... I don't know, anything that makes me happy. I have been with reader's block lately, but I'm getting better and right on track again!

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Sunday Evening

I'm Catholic, so I go to mass on Sunday, it's has been part of my Sunday routine since as long as I can remember, it stopped for a few years, but I decided to go back, and it was one of the best decisions I have made.

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So, that's my usual routine during the weekend, with some changes sometimes, like I told you... For example: the other day we did a sleepover with some friends, and I ended up waking up at 10:30am, so everything got "switched".


- 2 slices of bread
- Butter
- 2 slices of your prefered cheese (American cheese is the best!)

1) Put some butter (1 little spoon will be fine) in the pan, make sure the stove is heating in it's lowest. Let the butter melt.
2) Cover both slices of bread with butter on 1 side.
3) When the butter in the pan has melted, put 1 slice of bread on it, the butter part facing up.
4) While in the pan, put the slices of cheese (I cut them in random little slices, instead of putting them right on).
5) Cover that slice of bread with the other one, obviously the part with butter facing down.
6) Softly smash the sandwich, and then turn it over (the other side doesn't have to be completely done, just covered in butter).
7) Keep turning it over once in a while, until you see the cheese has melted (you'll notice).
8) Give it one last turn, so both sides of the sandwich are even and there ya go!!

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I know it may be kind of stupid to give you a grilled chesse sandwich recipe, but trust me, this is the best one you'll ever try! ♡


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