I saw this somewhere about Billie Eilish so I thought I would do the same with Marina because I obviously haven't done enough Marina related articles...consider this a part two of the Marina And The Diamonds tag and feel free to do this as well and tag me so we can fangirl together⭐

- How did you first discover Marina?

I think I was 10? and I was watching TV. It was a show about new music and they played Primadonna and I was hooked.

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- How long have you been a fan?

So I discovered her at the age of 10 but after a year or two, I got bored of it so I stopped listening to Primadonna (and yes it was the only Marina song that existed for me) and I couldn't bother to look up any other songs but then one day, an ex-friend of mine started listening to Lana Del Rey so I was thinking: "Hm...what happened to Marina And The Diamonds?" So I looked her up, listened to every single song and I'm in love with her ever since. That was more than a year ago.

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- What is one thing about Marina that you love?

When she sings really high, that's what you hear when you enter heaven.

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- What song by Marina do you relate to most and why?

I'm A Ruin. If you just look at the lyrics, you'll understand everything.

You still mean everything to me
But I wanna be free
I've been doing things I shouldn't do
It's difficult to move on
When nothing was right and nothing's wrong
You still can't look me in the eye
'Cause you've been bitten once and now you're twice as shy
It doesn't feel right and it doesn't feel fair
When I'm planning to move on and you're still standing there
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- Do you own any merch?

Unfortunately no, but I would love to have the vinyls, especially Froot.

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- Which album is your favorite?

As I said, Froot!

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- What do you think Marina's most underrated song is?

Literally, nobody talks about Weeds or Solitaire and everyone hates Too Afraid even tho they are bloody masterpieces!

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- What song do you not like that much?

I love them all so much but I recently deleted The State Of Dreaming from my playlist, I just didn't feel it anymore.

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- Do you own a Marina fan page?

Nope, but I have a Marina collection and I've done a LOT of articles about her which you can check out here:

- Have you ever met Marina or went to a concert?

God, I wish but she's literally only doing concerts in America and the UK. Feed us South Europeans too, babe.

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