hey mis amores!

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1) I Was Just A Kid

I was just a kid
How'd it get like this?
And the story ends, but life goes on so
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2) Amsterdam

Sometimes the days, they feel so long
Yeah, we all live under the same sun
So I hit my head up against the wall
Over and over and over and over again, and again
'Cause I don't wanna be like them
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3) Sorry

Maybe I'm defective
Or maybe I'm dumb
I'm sorry, so sorry for what I've done
It's me who taught you how to stop
And you just say I drink too much
Maybe I'm bad natured
Or maybe I'm young
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4) Broken Machine

I'm just a broken machine
Not who I used to be
Hey I'm a broken machine
I can do anything
I've got nothing to hide
Now I start to dream
My head goes forward and my heart goes back
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5) Live Like Animals

The TV tells us to be scared
We'd make a difference if we cared
We're gonna live like animals
It's madness
It's gone to shit
So wake up
This ain't a dream
'Cause everything's exactly how it seems
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6) Soda

I don't wanna be myself
It's making me so unwell
Yeah, yeah, yeah
I don't wanna be myself
Just wanna be someone else
Yeah, yeah, yeah
I once had a thought
But don't know where it went
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7) I'm Not Made By Design

I live on oxygen, a bastard monkey boy
Do what the hell I like, I'm no celestial toy
You take the sweetest thing and claim it as your own
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8) Particles

Baby, tell me if I'm being strange
And if I need to rearrange
My particles
I will for you
My mind plays tricks
And I don't sleep no more
And doctor, please
I can't switch off
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9) Get Better

Am I gonna get better, better?
Because this feels like this might last forever
War is raging in my head
Don't know which side wants me dead
Even if I've lost the fight
You should'a seen the other guy
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10) Hell, Yeah

They call it “Hell”, yeah
Why don't we go there?
It's way down below there
It's just like home
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11) Afterlife

My soul is tortured with love and lust and hate
My cracked lips are unkissed for a million days
My infected heart, it's bleeding in this cage
I'm losing my dignity, not got long left to wait
It was only ever you
It was only ever you
My baby, it feels like a lifetime
Oh god, I don't think I could do two
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12) Reset Me

Some people fear the end
But I carry it
It's in my pocket, it keeps me safe
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13) Number 13

Give me a kiss like a kick in the teeth
My bloody lip never tasted so sweet, oh
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Favourite Songs:

  • Amsterdam
  • Sorry
  • Broken Machine
  • Particles
  • Get Better