This article is with artists that I listen to and I think they are underrated.For every artists i'll let you some songs that I like even if probably I like MUCH more than just those.
So let's get started...
1.Alec Benjamin

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Let me down slowly;Outrunning karma;Boy in the bubble

Honestly I was obsessed with his songs.Now I'm not anymore but I still listen to him and I think his great.

2.Sasha Sloan

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Older;Dancing with your ghost;The only


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Let you down;If you want love ;When I grow up;Mansion

I was obsessed with him too.I find in his music the words I can't say.I think he helped me and much more people.I don't even know how to describe how great he is.


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Runaway;Murder song;Running with the wolves;'

Honestly I haven't listen to her in a while but I can assure you that you should.


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Break My Heart Again;I lost a friend

If I would wrote this last year ,I would have write Billie Eilish but now she is not underrated anymore.
6.Flora Cash

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You're somebody else.

I'm not gonna lie,that's the only song I listen from her but you should check it out.

7.Amber Run

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I Found

Here again I listen just one song but even the video from that song is interesting.Mabe just for me,I dunno.


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Malibu Nights;Thru these tears

9.Two feet

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I feel like I'm drowning;Lost the game;Go fuck yourself;Love is a bitch

10.The Neighbourhood

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R.I.P 2 my youth;Nervous;Sadderdaze

Most people know the song Sweater Weather but they have so many songs that are good and people should listen to..

11.The 1975

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Robbers;Somebody else


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13.JP Cooper

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Sing It With Me;All this love


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Well I think that was all.Check out my other collections and If you like what you see follow me.