Hello everyone. After about a month and a half I am finally back with a new article. As you can tell by the title I'm going to be giving you all an idea of what my dream bedroom would consist of. I am mostly making this article because I'm currently in the process of redoing my bedroom and I want to keep this on hand for inspiration. Some of these things my room already has/will have. I hope you all enjoy this and let's get started.

aesthetic, plants, and sunset image Image removed home, plants, and design image plants, bathroom, and home image
Lots of Plants
aesthetic, beige, and room image bedroom, interior, and bed image bedroom, interior, and aesthetic image home, aesthetic, and bedroom image
Big Windows (or many windows)
aesthetic, beige, and window image aesthetic, white, and soft image aesthetic, window, and glitter image aesthetic, curtains, and window image
Dainty Curtains
bedroom, design, and hardwood image Temporarily removed
Non Carpeted Floors
vintage, aesthetic, and room image mirror, aesthetic, and room image aesthetic, mirror, and plants image chic, clothes, and fashion image
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Temporarily removed Temporarily removed accessories, beauty, and books image gold, jewelry, and earrings image
Temporarily removed angel, cherub, and decor image angels, Ceramic, and cherubs image angels, cherub, and cherubs image
Cherub Decor this one probably seems weird but my mom went on a trip and brought me back little cherub figurine and now I'm in love with them

I will definitely be doing a part 2 of this because there are so many more things I'd like for my dream room to have. As you can see I have an aesthetic/theme going on which I take a lot of pride in so love that for me. I hope you all really liked this and take inspo from it. Until next time xx