Hello all. I got my wisdom teeth out yesterday, so I was a bit out of commission for day two. Recovery is going okay. I'm getting decently swollen and developing a puffy, square, man-jaw. My boyfriend called me the Crimson Chin. We both thought it was peak comedy. Anyways, thanks for reading.

Day Two: Make A List of 5 Things That Make You Happy

My Boyfriend Jack

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we've been together for almost ten months. he's pretty cool.

Thor & The Family

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this right here is the one of the best dogs in the world. you can quote me on that. my family is pretty cool. we all like taking bad selfies and weird pictures together.


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love these idiots to death. queue "friends" by band of skulls.


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i've been blessed with the opportunities to travel around the world. in the past few years i have been able to go to thailand, japan, Italy, different places in florida, and much more. i hope go explore more of europe when i'm older.

Food & Coffee

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i think i get my love of food from my mom who cooks just about everything for us. when i'm older i want to be able to cook great food like she does. coffee has been a long time addiction of mine and just getting a job at a coffee shop just put fuel to the fire. i'm a long time lover of pasta, pizza, pastries, and all the other food that starts with p or not.

Day Three: Two Memories

Memory One: Fire works
This first memory is actually my first memory of fire works. It was the Fourth of July and I was spending it with my dad. Maybe we were at my aunt and uncle's house or just a friends house. I don't remember that part. What I do remember is sitting in back yard with one of my dad's friends. It had been dark for a few hours and as a four year old I felt like I had been up forever. Then the fireworks started. The colors and the sounds woke me up. The friend I was sitting with was pointing out all the cool ones to me. The only thing I can remember her saying is, "Oh those are my favorites. They're like friendly spiders." Now as I'm older they do like friendly spiders. Which is saying something, because, well I hate spiders.

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Memory Two: Wine Tasting Shenanigans
As I mentioned previously in the 5 Things That Make Me Happy List, some of family went to Italy recently for Spring Break. It was my step-dad David, my mom, and my step-sister Kiley. One of the days on the trip was we went to Tuscany for a wine tasting tour. The tour was coming to a close and we were at our second vineyard of the day. After many small glasses of wine and too much cheese my sister and I were having a great a time. Since we were sharing boards of meat and cheese with the other guests we each got little toothpick things for our food. Kiley picks up her toothpick and stares at it and then me with a new found intensity. She slowly starts moving her way to my hair. I had put it up in a bun and apparently that was her target. After about two minutes of her 'stealthily' moving to put the toothpick in my hair she manages to shove it into the center of my bun. We both bust out laughing. In the middle of wine tasting where refined adults gathered to talk about their love of this delicious grape beverage. Some how we're still laughing after it definitely wasn't funny anymore. I don't know why or what was in that last taster of wine, but it was the funniest thing to happen all trip.

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