We are encompassed by magnificence in each course in boundless affluence. We have an assortment of delightful natural products and vegetables and animals to keep us filled up to the brim. A beautiful planet jam-packed with verdant nature, rain-forests, shorelines, mountains. We have all the luxuries ever conceived by the human mind. You name it! It’s a finite planet with infinite resources.

But in spite of all these extravagances, have you ever thought that what if we’re in paradise as of now, but we make a hell on Earth by ensnaring ourselves in our issues, stresses, and anxieties?

Just think for a moment that this sanctified Earth might just be a disguised assessment in the form of paradise. What if we’re already in paradise(and this is as good as it can get), capable of being the foremost cherishing being we can think of, but we’re so active beating ourselves up and chasing outside objectives that we fall flat to ever realize our genuine capacity to love and adore?

I truly believe that everything happens for a reason and our existence is forged in a pattern. Different scholars state that Paradise was in the seventh heaven and that Hell was in the seventh earth. This indicates that Hell is IN the earth.

The way our lives are progressing, we are just another byproduct of today(just as much destructive). Just think about it. Will heaven step in and will it save us from our sin?

Will it?

Every day there are articles published on how our luxurious lifestyle is killing the earth; climate change, globalization, plastic, deforestation, littering etcetera. So, isn’t it just us?

Our mind turns every moment we aggravate into a living hell. Because, no matter what you say, this earth we live in is far from being hell of a place. So what if I propose this to you; it is paradise. It’s the most incredibly confusing yet excellent thing I’ve ever seen and takes me off in wonderment every single day. Each time you are misplaced in thought, irate, stress, suffering – you're in hell. One day the Earth is going to exhale, and the 'Great Dying' will began.

Henceforth, Apocalypse is not just going to dawn on us one happening day out of nowhere. Our actions are a butterfly effect that may lead us to our doom gradually. Leaving us closer to our destiny than yesterday. So, just ask yourself. What if WE are the genesis of Armageddon?

Possible enough?

So, shouldn’t we learn to let go of things, control our emotions, stop sulking to the masses and send a prayer to the ones up above. Turn the hate that you've heard into a spirit of a dove. Be patient instead of being wrapped up in the drama of your own mind – you can just opt out and realize that you’re already here in heaven.

The way you react to your present moment might turn your world into nirvana. There might be an off chance that paradise is each time you take a deep breath and smile for yourself, or try to spend time with friends and family, have great food and drink. Take the sail and be the master of your sea.

Just think; what if you start doing what you could do?