1. Strawberries are not that good

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2. Being fat is unhealthy

If people like themselves - nice. You have to appreciate your bodies, but still being overweight is not healthy. I'm overweight myself and I started to eat healthy, to work out. I lost like 20 pounds for a month, I feel great with this lifestyle and I'll keep doing this. Be confident, it's fine, but think about your health more than you think about your look.

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3. Psychopaths are not crazy or "born this way"

I don't defend them, obviously. They're guilty for what they've done, but they're not crazy. Read some books. First of all, no one is born evil. Second of all, it's their brain. It works differently. Something in their life happens when they're young, they can't take it like most of us and they become... this. Not that they're allowed to hurt people because of some childhood trauma. But you've seen movies where the mean boy or girl in school is acting like this because something is wrong with his family, right? Well, that's pretty much what happens to psychopaths, but worse. Maybe they build a wall, I mean a really big one, because they can't feel anything anymore. They don't feel guilt or love or empathy. This is in their brains, that doesn't mean they're crazy. If they were, they would be in psychiatry, not in prison or dead.

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4. Autumn sucks

It's just wet leaves, mud and cold. And you have to go out because school/university and like two minutes later your boots look like you've been in a farm with pigs. It's a depressing season. Everything slowly goes back to sleep and waits for the spring. The birds are gone, late warm nights are gone, responsibilities are back. And in Bulgaria we don't even celebrate Halloween like you, guys and this sucks. Like... no, thanks.

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5. The word "aesthetic" can have different meanings to different people

Something "aesthetic" for you might be far away from this for other person.

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6. If your best friend doesn't feel like telling you things, then you're not best friends.

Someday they can hide something important from you and you'll find out from someone else. How would you feel? You are friends not just to hang out together and have fun, you're supposed to share everything. Otherwise, you're just friends, not best friends. What's the point if you can't share everything on your mind?

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7. If you can't trust someone, you don't need them in your life.

Loyalty, man, loyalty. This is everything.

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8. Religion killed a lot more people than anything else in the world.

All these bombs are because of the religion. Who the fuck cares what you believe in? Believe in it and leave others alone. For me, religion is bullshit. No one knows who wrote the bible and stuff. If you ask something about god like why is this true and they're like "because the bible says so" ... Well, fine, then everything is real - ghosts, vampires, werewolves, demons. Because the books say so. People just need something to believe in and that's okay, I get it, it's easier for them. But there are those crazy humans who would kill because you don't believe in their god (like probably you're Satan or "his child" and you're here to destroy the world). Mind your own business, go to your church, pray to your god and don't shove this in people's faces.

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9. Kill an animal for fun = prison

Animals are the best thing on this planet, not humans. Humans can think, but they don't. People can talk, but they talk bullshit. We can create things and some did (around 10%) . A lot of people just try to prove something to others and why? People betray each other, people lie to each other, people kill each other, kill animals. People make the nature so dirty that it can't breathe. And then they think man kind is the best thing that ever happened to this planet? Um... no, honey. Man kind is the worst, actually.

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10. Being vegan is just people trying to prove how much they love animals.

And what, if I eat meat, I don't love animals? Haha, sure. Look at №9. Sorry, but you're not gonna stop anything. The only thing you can do is to stop your organism from working right. People are predators, we eat meat. Just like lions eat antelopes. You'll say they have no choice and we do, but that's not really true. What our organism can get from meat, can't get from anything else. You can lie to yourselves, but these "vegan bars" or "vegan eggs" or things like this are nothing. And if you don't miss eggs, meat, milk. cheese and stuff, why would you buy them but in "vegan version"?

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