If you are young and you're living in the 21th century, maybe you're convinced that adults think today's youth is completely ruined. Maybe sometimes you agree, and if you're like me, sometimes you feel down. You have still hope that things can change, you know that not every young person is bad. But I want to tell you that not every adult thinks that youth is ruined and Amie Kaufman and Jay Kristoff are an example. This is not a description of the book, I won't reveal the plot. I want to focus on the way these two authors portrayed young characters. The characters are not superheroes, they're humans. They see people and dear ones dying, they have to kill for a cause. They have to go through trials. They feel their heart breaking, but still they made it, at the end. They cried, they laughed. They saw horrible things and still they were brave. They are a team. They have to bear the bad looks of adults who consider them just as kids. But they save the situation.

I hope with all my heart you'll read this series because it's so educational. Please, make yourself this gift.

To those who have hope,
to those who still have courage to have it.