Hey everyone , this is my first article. I hope you like it , here are some ideas , which are romantic , fun or chill to do at a nice warm summer night. have fun :)

Grab a blanket , pillow , your favorite book , put your chill playlist on and just sit outside somewhere cozy and have some me time while looking at the dark sky . Everyone needs this sometimes .
If you want it a bit more romantic , go there with your boyfriend/girlfriend or if you are single like me haha a good friend, grab some food or even some wine and lay outside or even on a roof ( but it needs to be safe ) and look at the sky full of stars , I swear you will love it . Especially , because it is that time of the year , where you can see the most shooting stars. I do it at the moment as often as I can and I have seen a lot already and hopefully my wishes will come true ;).
Another thing is , to go to concerts which are free or to fun fairs. There are so many in the summer , go with your friend group and have fun , you can stay as long as you want , it doesn't get cold , meet new people there , dance all night. just look it up on the internet.
And the last thing is , if you say well, I would love to do that but all my friends are out of town , no problem , have some quality with your family , do a casino night , play cards and laugh about the stupid and funny things , that happened in your family.
I hope you got some inspiration and will not stay inside , but go outside in the evening as well and live your best night life.
xxx Carla