And maybe our life can turn around if,
we just pause and look around.
-The advice of every prey in the jungle

To the stars,
for shining on the darkest of days.
To the moon,
for reminding me that beauty lies in imperfection.
To the grass,
for teaching me that it doesn't matter how many times we've been trampled on, we can always grow back.
To the valleys I crossed,
for showing me that lows can be beautiful and that they are your path to the peaks.

To books,
for teaching me that friends can be made in silence, too.
To coffee,
for telling me that not everything bitter is bad.
To the sunflowers,
for making sure I know that, growing towards light is growing towards better health and joy.
To those fishes in the water,
for asking me to go against the flow to move forward

And lastly, to the younger me,
who believed and taught me that having a bad past doesn't mean you will have a worse future.

-Thank you

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Love, hope and loads of sunlight