Taurus... Taurus... Taurus... Are a bull-headed and stubborn bunch. But they are one of the most practical, sensible, and most loyal people you will ever meet. Just as their symbol represents they REALLY are stubborn. Some can be conservative in their own right, or free birds who don't want people telling them to change their ways. But when it comes to love, the Taurus crowd loves beauty and to have their senses tickled.

That's right!! They like beauty. But who doesn't, right? But think of a baby seeing something shiny. They are drawn to it. Not saying you have to be drop-dead gorgeous by society's standard, nevertheless it doesn't hurt to look your best around your future Taurus. At least be clean and smell good!! But the key to unlocking a Taurus' heart (or pants) is to have PATIENCE! Don't rush them or else they will buck and run.

So here are THREE things that will seduce a Taurus Woman:
#1) Success!! (Hard Worker)
#2) Well Dressed Man!!
#3) Romance!!

Both genders are pretty similar. They both like someone with their shit together in both looks and in their lives. So for a female, they like people who are successful and flirty with them, and them only. They don't like wandering eyes. Show them that they are the only girl in the world. Have patience with this wholesome girl. Show her that you can be a huge ROMANTIC! Wine and dine this bitch!! Don't be afraid to touch her.

So here are THREE things that will seduce a Taurus Man:
#1) Look Good & Smell Good!!
#2) Be Touchy!!
#3) Honesty!!

Technically, that's four things. Beauty is really in the eye of the beholder, therefore you better be in his eye. He loves beauty and I cannot stress that enough. He loves his senses tickled so feed him, touch him, caress him, sing to him, or whatever the fuck it is! Spray on some sweet, sweet perfume and touch this man!! He loves that touchy-feely shit. Despite all that, he wants a sweet and wholesome girl that is honest, and also feminine. What catches his eye is a very feminine lady. A LADY!! Who is honest!!

That being said here are somethings not to do. AKA some turn-offs:
#1) Laziness!!
#2) Dramatic!!
#3) Selfish!!

So there you go folks! Go and catch you the Taurus of your dreams.