i made a morning routine article around nine months ago & boy has it changed. today i'm going to be writing about my new morning routine for the school year. enjoy!

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❝ make today so awesome yesterday gets jealous. ❞ ━ unknown

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► | 6:45 am

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i wake up to the smell of coffee brewing. as the sunlight beams on my face i stretch & meditate for ten minutes yeah just kidding. i usually wake up in a bad mood for absolutely no reason at all other than the fact that it's earlier than 9 a.m. and i'm awake.

► | 7:00 am

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once i decide it's getting to the point where if i don't get up now i'm going to be late, i roll out of bed. i head to the bathroom first & do the essentials. (brush my teeth, take my vitamins etc.) i do my hair & makeup at this time as well. this only takes me ten minutes because i usually only straighten my hair or do a simple hairstyle. my makeup routine is just mascara & eyebrows.

► | 7:10 am

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this is the time where i get dressed. my style is pretty simple. i wear a lot of vans and plain tees. for example today i wore a plain red shirt, ripped jeans, & primary colored vans. i also spray my perfume and put on deodorant at this time.

► | 7:20 am

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this is basically what gets me up in the morning. i eat special k every morning with a cup of coffee and i love it. i recommend this cereal to everyone in my life, it's that incredible.

► | 7:30 am

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at this time i grab my lunch, supplies, and anything else i take to school and put it in my bag. if you're interested in seeing what's in my school bag, check out this article ↓
& then i'm off to school and hopefully make it on time.

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thank you so much for reading! i hope you enjoyed. if you did, feel free to check out my profile & other articles below ↓

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