As a child, we believed in happy ever afters. As we grow older we realize that happy ever afters are bullshit. Even though I would like to believe that there still is a change for that happy ever after I have been looking for I feel like I am running out of time. I am seventeen and I have never had a serious relationship. You might wonder why that is so important. Well, I am the youngest of four and all three of my sisters were very young when they started getting into relationships and I have never been in a serious relationship. Because of my sisters and their relationships, I thought I was also supposed to fall in love and have a relationship at like 14 or 15. But for some reason, I have never been in love, I've had a crush here and there, but love has never been in the picture. I have been thinking about what a relationship would be like and what I am looking for in a guy. But that perfect guy is nowhere to be found. I will be honest and say that I am still figuring things out when comes to love and relationships. I don't even know if I am ready, but then again I do think I want to be loved by someone. The question I keep asking myself is, do I really want a relationship or do I just like the idea of having someone love me. I hope this makes sense and that I don't sound like a crazy person.