lindss as in me I am lindss if you didn't know or if you somehow got in a freak accident and got amnesia and were like heck what's this girls name again? why did I say that omg but anyways me saying amnesia brought back flashbacks of me being a huge fangirl for 5SOS...I cried when my mom didn't want to buy me a poster of them since (her words not mine I swear), " They look like heroin addicts," little does she know that heroin addicts look nothing like Luke Hemmings..I think I don't know I never came across a heroin addict before and I don't know if she has and if she did I wonder what situation she was in at the time.. HAHAHAHH :] being lindss is getting sidetracked and rambling and not in a cute way in a really cringey " wtf is she talking about way." But to be honest I'm not always really cringey sometimes I'm just cringey or annoying. Now I say that because I have accepted that as part of my personality not because I want to be relatable or quirky … see I'm notttttt like other girlsss tehehheehe xD #imdifferent. Okay, next on being lindss is well comparing myself to everyone LITERALLY ANYONE AND EVERYONE. I do it mainly on Instagram like," that should be meeeeee holding a Starbucks 'secret menu' drink behind a leafy wall... that should be meeeeee making money off sponsored posts.. that should be meee, this is so sad that should be meeee that should meeee that should be meee feelinggg all richhh THAT SHOULD BE MEEEE-" you get the point. I know I'm not the only one. I might make a post all about social media because I have a lot to say about it and i want to know if anyone else relates to it.
Next on the list is not double checking how i write things or what i write until AFTER i post it... same with texting. Alright so another thing is I have a short attention span so for example right now me writing all this is becoming a chore even though at the beginning of this article I was so into it but i guess cus its taken me a while to write this and I'm inpatient I like to get things done fast.

lemme just end all this with saying i was born on April 19,2000 so im a Aries. no i don't know my houses or suns or moons none of that i just know the basics so i can relate to those tumblr pics that are posted everywhere that go a lil like " YOUR SIGN AND OTHER SIGNS AT SCHOOL BUT IN YOUR ROOM TALKING TO THEIR INNER DEMONS AS YOURE PARENTS/ GAUARDIANS DO CHORES AND THEN ONLY TO REALIZE THAT YOUR PET IS THERE BUT GOING BY CAR BUT BY THEN ITS ALREADY SUMMER : " yea like i love to relate so it fills the empty hole of loneliness in me. ew that sounded so 2012 emo of me and fake deep like those facebook status those older folks that never left their home town post so they can get their daily dose of 5 likes and a comment that has their grandparent saying they miss them.

:) i want to start posting Mondays and Wednesdays right now its a Tuesday i know i know but i feel like Monday would be good cus its Monday no one likes that day so hopefully i can make yall like it and well Wednesday i gotta give yall the mid week dose of meeee but its still a WANT so im not sure i can do it but i'll try :]
also that's me in that cover image /.\ also in conclusion being lindss is a uhhh gross thing but ya know things happen for a reason i gotta make do of what i got