1. How do you drink your tea?

I drink a lot of tea, sometimes too much! I drink every tipe of tea, I choose the fragrance at the moment I make my tea. But my favourite is Four Red Fruit Tea by Twinings. I drink every tea with 2 teaspoon of sugar.

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2. What's your favourite dessert?

Tiramisù, this is an italian dessert!

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3. What's your favourite season?

I love all season! That's my problem, I found good think in every season, but If i have to choose, i'll say fall!

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4. What cheers you up?

Music and talking to my sister and my mom :3

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5. Dogs or cats?

Cats! I've Always loved cats and I have 2 of em.

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6. What is your dream holiday?


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7. How many kids do you want?

I'd like to have three kids, a couple of male twins and a daughter!

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8. Favourite weather?

I love summer storms *o*

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9. What's your last meal?

I've eat a snack, a chocolate brioches

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10. You can spend 24 hours anywhere, any year. Where do you choose?

Any country in all America

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11. If you where a ghost, who or where would you haunt?

I'd like to haunt all of the people I meet that hurts me and after thet, I'd like to haunt a villa that's in my town, that people thik is already haunted! I love it!

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12. What is your family ancestry?

I live in Italy, my mom's ancestry are from Germany and my father's are from South Italy and North Africa

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13. What scares you?

peoples ignorance and stupidity

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14. Dream job?

I've always said that I would become famous, I don't know how but I'll become famous! I know it!

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this is me! |stay weird|

15. Do you believe in aliens?

Yep! I've always believed in ET life!

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16. Favourite sport?

I'm not actually into sports, but if I have to choose I think I'll pick volleyball or swimming

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17. How do you relax after a long day?

I put on some music and I light up some candle

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18. If you could meet one historical figure, who would you choose?

Frida Kahlo and Cleopatra

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19. If you had to be a teacher, what subject would you teach?


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20. What superpower would you choose?

Mind reader

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