(Okay, so this is pretty much an essay written in verse. Don't ask why. It just came up in a moment of no wifi, pure dehydration and probably a really bad english which led to a lot of feelings that lacked of emotion)

I've come to the lifetime realization
that the Eiffel tower has been
so used for romantic methods
it has grown to be just mediocre

Paris tends to be
a world of its own
where anything cannot be described
by any other word than 'french'

Therefore I believe
it has much more to offer
than the infinite cliche

When we go there
to get our own dose of parisian nights
I want all the things
the tourist guide can't offer

We should have long walks
and eternal conversations
making our way along the Seine

And find the wonder
on the streets that all lead
to one place

Time is an old friend, my dear,
does favor to the ones of their own

So let's drink wine
on a random balcony
looking at rooftops
accompanied by stars

Let's get drunk in the french weather
and then make love
painfully hangover