Day 16: Something that you miss

Not something but someone. If you guys read my last few articles, you guys know that I'm currently in Indonesia for my summer break. And my boyfriend is in Netherlands which means that we're having a long distance relationship right now.

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In this article, it is all about him. I feel like the challenge knows me so much, that even the challenge told me to write about him (hahaha jk). It's already been 1 month since I spent my time with him and saw him. We used to spend a lot of times together, and see each other everyday. The first few days when I'm away from him felt so weird, because we usually do everything together, but now I have to have breakfast, lunch, and dinner without him. I've been managing it pretty well though. We call each other when we're free (at least once a week).

All I can say about long distance relationship is...hard. It's just really hard. There are so many times that I just want to give up. The timezones don't even help. When I'm going to sleep, he's just about to have dinner. When I just woke up in the morning, he's still peacefully asleep. I really am not good at long distance relationship, but I'm grateful for my boyfriend because whenever I was about to give up, he's there assuring me that everything's gonna be alright and that we're gonna see each other pretty soon. He's not giving up on me.

I'm going back to his arms soon, and I can't wait to see him again. All I need to do is just hang in there for another week and we'll be reunited! Wish me luck though.

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