I've been sad lately and unfortunately I feel I have no one to talk to.
I just started college and don't have any friends yet. I live in other city because of school and I really miss my family and some friends from high school.

I was looking for some posts on Facebook and here to at least know if anyone there feels (or felt) how I do right now.
The most of the "sad" stuff I found was about unrequited love or heart breaking. That made me feel worse.
Why the people suffer for love when there are sadder things? I did passed for that and I know it feels horrible, but now these days I wish I could go back in time and be crying for a crush instead of missing people that are not longer in my life.
I miss when I my best boy friend used to hold me and tell me a guy was an idiot for not looking at me; I miss every time my friends were there when I was crying for been rejected by a guy.

There are more important things to be worried (or sad) than just for "love", while you have your friends and your family's support you don't need anything else.
Let's think seriously in what is the real meaning of sadness and the difference between heartbroken and unhappy because, trust me, there's a big difference.