I know that school is coming up for most of you or that school has already begun for some, so that's why I decided to make this article to share some things that I think are needed in your schoolbag (apart from your textbooks and in-class materials).

small disclaimer: all the items that i've listed are things that I personally think are needed in a schoolbag, so I know that there could be a possibility that you'll disagree with some things which is completely fine!

On that note, I hope you'll enjoy reading this and that this can maybe help you out.

1 | water

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It's very important to stay hydrated, definitely when you're walking from classroom to classroom.
water bottle: it's reusable
boxed water: it's recycable

2 | wallet / keys

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I always keep my wallet and keys in the front pocket of my schoolbag. All of my cards, money etc. are in my wallet so it's very important to me.

3 | gum / mint

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Having fresh breath will always make you feel better and even increase your confidence!

4 | phone charger

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Even though this is something I don't have in my schoolbag because my phone is fully charged most of the time, when my phone then somehow does reach low battery percentage, I do wish that I had a charger with me.

5 | earphones

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My earphones are something I can not live without. I listen to music literally everywhere I go.

6 | tissues

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Runy noses are the worst!! And I'm that person who doesn't like to sniff their nose in class so having tissues on me at all times is definitely a must.

7 | snacks

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And of course some snacks for before and after lunch time.

8 | lip balm

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I absolutely hate when my lips are chapped, so I always keep one lip balm in my jacket and 2 extra ones in my bag.

9 | perfume

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To keep me smelling nice throughout the day.

10 | deodorant

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For when it's a very hot day

11 | hand lotion

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12 | pads / tampons and pain medicine

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For all the ladies, always be prepared! And never forget to have some pain medicine on you just in case.

13 | oil absorbent sheets

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I have oily skin, so oil absorbent sheets always help me with that.

14 | hair ties

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I always keep extra hair ties in the front pocket of my backpack because I always end up breaking or losing the ones on my wrist.

15 | notebook

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I love having a little notebook to write in extra stuff during class since I'm not allowed to use a phone or laptop.

Hope you enjoyed!