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As you see by the title I bring a Euphoria review, a tv show from HBO and a lot of fangirling cause queen Z is here.

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I want to warn about spoilers of the first season of Euphoria, so if you haven't finished the show don't go any farther.

WARNING: Strong Brutal Violence, Pervasive Language, Some Strong Sexual Content, and Drug Material

Not really in this article, anyway let's do this. This show has it though

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First let's talk about the way this show was shooting because I think that was incredible and the voiceover of Zendaya through all the season was super cool, she knows this people and she tell us their stories. I saw a theory on twitter that said Rue was dead and that's why she know everything, I put in here because you can make an idea after the final episode, personally I don't believe this theory, now I leave to the next topic.

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It's the turn to the ugly stuff: Nate Jacobs

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Literally everyone when Nate was with the girl at the dance floor.

Jacob Elordi do an amazing job portraying this character, an abusive boy with more issues than the entire cast from Shameless US, yes it's a very fu**ed up person.

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Nate lied a lot and has half the city in his hands, he literally got out of a damn detention for mistreating someone by mistreating someone and no one in the damn police station ask the dude wtf happen to him. He had a damn orthopedic neck, it was impossible for him to choke a girl, he can't even pee right.

I don't like that in the final episode they haven't given us a proper end, I expected something to happen to Nate because he caused so much pain to people.

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One of Nate's main victims was Maddy played by Alexa Damie her character chase for something more, she wants to be a star, to be loved and Nate give her all this things and that's why she can't be away from him, but in the finale episode we see Maddy watching footage from a CD never show it to the audience but the assumption is that this CD is one of Nate's dad.
For the next season I hope she uses this information to stop Nate from doing something horrible to another person or herself.

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Cassie (Sydney Sweeney) deserves better, she's super sweet and everyone treat her like garbage. I like the last episode when she was getting the abortion and her mom and sister were with her because they are really close, I love too when she was ice skating, was really beautiful.

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A close mention to Mckay, I think no one is talking about him getting rape for the college dudes and then treat Cassie like sh*t, that was fu**ed up man.

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Now let's talk about happiness: Reason #1 Fezco

I know he is a drug dealer but I love him so much. I hope in the next season there one episode dedicated to Fez because there's so much things we don't know about him and please god, I beg you that the drug guy do nothing to him.

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He is so pretty.

Speaking about pretty things , Ethan and Kat (Austin Abrams & Barbie Ferreira) are the only couple that bring me joy. Ethan is so cuteee I wanna die.They deserve the world, bro.

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They deserve an OTP gif.

In other news... I don't know if you are but I'm f*cking scare for Kat, I just want to know who was behind the camera, I just hope is some random person who wasn't recording what happen.

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The next character we are going to discuss is Jules played by Hunter Schafer.
I don't know how to feel about Jules, I have a love/hate thing for her, I understand she was being catfished and blackmailed and had this weird feelings about Nate. I think she is super cute but sometimes she is kinda an ass with Rue

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Rue (Zendaya) has mental issues the reasons why she is an adic because she don't know how to deal with that, as the episodes progress we see her more calm and she has been clean for a few months, but Jules went to town for all the shit with Nate, Rue has a downer that get worse in the last episode because she uses drugs again.

I think the musical we see at the end means that Rue was feeling like a rockstar because drugs do that, they make you feel euphoric and happy.

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Last but not least I want to express my love for Lexi. She should win the best costume ever because her Bob Ross was epic.

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And my love for Lexi and Rue.

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I really hope that next season they are together, because they are so cute and everyone loves a supportive relationship, my baby Rue deserve to be happy.

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That's it folks.

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Hope you liked this, you can see my other articles.

Love, Val