Hey guys, this is my first article :)
These are some of my fav songs from 80's. Enjoy.


Dancing in the dark

bruce springsteen and quotes image boyfriend, couple, and dancing image
Bruce Springsteen (1984)


affection, beautiful, and in love image blue, clouds, and fresh image
Bryan Adams (1984)

The boys of summer

beach, friends, and girls image leonardo dicaprio, boy, and 90s image
Don Henley (1984)

Don't you

Image removed love, quotes, and forget image
Simple minds (1985)

Time after time

vintage, retro, and 90s image diner, retro, and vintage image
Cyndi Lauper (1983)

Summer of 69

aesthetic and colors image Temporarily removed
Bryan Adams (1984)

Forever young

night image cry-baby, gif, and johnny depp image
Alphaville (1984)


african safari holidays, safari in africa, and best african safari tours image Image by g a b r i e l a
Toto (1982)

Okay yes i know this was too short, but hope you guys liked it. <3