hi y'all.

saw this cute ass article today and I thought it'd be cool to do one more article talking about my leo self bc apparently I don't think the vogue one was enough.

hope you enjoy it,and please feel free to message me if we have anything in common,I'm depressed and stupid and I'm looking for new firends :)

also,I know I'm supposed to describe with pictures,but I really needed to add captions. I really love talking.



model image beauty, eyes, and eyeshadow image Temporarily removed bike, legs, and summer image beauty, glossy, and it girl image rihanna, beauty, and riri image
I'm a really tiny girl. I have short hair with long-ass-almost-blinding-me-screaming-to-be-chopped-off at-this-moment bangs,black big ass eyes and big ass lips. I'm black,you know,so I have a pretty big ass nose. so,I'm not saying that I look like Rihanna cause that'd be a fucking sin,but photoshop her eyes black and you'll kinda get it.
fashion, style, and aesthetic image fashion, style, and outfit image fashion, dress, and style image dress, fashion, and summer image fashion, style, and aesthetic image fashion image
I don't know how to describe it. "just borrowed grandma's clothes"?
aesthetic, chanel, and shoes image converse, white, and shoes image boots, shoes, and fashion image fashion and style image Temporarily removed jeans, converse, and fashion image
usually white sneakers,but black boots are my guilty pleasure. I hate heels,but I can't see a pair of black boots in front of me.
Image by •• laari •• fashion, Prada, and jeans image fashion, aesthetic, and outfit image Image by ° n o t h i n g ° aesthetic, alternative, and bag image Temporarily removed
eco bags,fabric fanny packs and backpacks. I'm not a bag lover person,actually.
fashion, style, and jewelry image earrings, jewelry, and accessories image necklace, style, and fashion image astrology, gold, and golden image Temporarily removed pearls, accessories, and beauty image
I'm a golden shit sucker. like,for real. I like necklaces,nose rings and I fell for the hairclips trend. I don't wear any earings cause I hate that shit,but I'm obsessed with multiple earrings and maybe I'll pierce some more on my ear.
aesthetic, girl, and glossy image aesthetic, body, and face image makeup, glitter, and beauty image makeup, stars, and glitter image makeup, glitter, and pink image makeup, green, and aesthetic image
my skin is always as natural as possible: a little bit of concealer under the eyes,blush,brows and some contour. then add some fun with the eyes. I've always been creative with my eyes (even though I wear mostly just a fine as hell eyeliner),but after euphoria ate my brain,I've been daring more by using glitter and fun colorful eyeliners.
plants, aesthetic, and luxury image Inspiring Image on We Heart It art, aesthetic, and beige image bikini, bodies, and fashion image green, aesthetic, and water image makeup, beauty, and eyeshadow image
green and nude/brown. especially together.
animal, flowers, and cow image horse, animal, and flowers image goat, animal, and flowers image snake, flowers, and animal image pig, animal, and piglet image Inspiring Image on We Heart It
all of them. can't choose.
food, coffee, and cake image morning and coffee image drink and food image food, potato, and potato wedges image wine, drink, and aesthetic image drink, picnic, and wine image
coffee,potato and wine. not random at all.
Temporarily removed book, aesthetic, and reading image aesthetic, coffee, and magazine image cat, friends, and animal image art, aesthetic, and painting image Temporarily removed
while searching for images,I just realized I'm obsessed with anything about art and expressing yourself: music,books,fashion,tv shows,visual art...
quotes, meme, and funny image anxiety, charlie brown, and quotes image Temporarily removed quotes, yellow, and aesthetic image gay, meme, and memes image quotes, sex and the city, and drama image
paris, city, and travel image beach, france, and nice image Image removed aesthetic and art image beach, france, and holiday image brown, beige, and aesthetic image
France. I mean,everybody loves France,it has everything you can possibly love: food,art,beach... if you're from France,please,let's get married and live in France in a french house in a french city and have french kids who speaks french and has french cats and dogs.
book, quote, and clarissa pinkola estes image book, harry potter, and autumn image alchemist, book, and books image book image a room of ones own, book, and virginia woolf image books, entertainment, and john green image
Women Who Run With The Wolves by Clarissa Pinkola Estés (changed my fucking life) / the Harry Potter series by J.K. Rowlling / The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho / Milk and Vine by Emily Beck and Adam Gasiewski / A Room Of One's Own by Virginia Woolf / Turtles All The Way Down by John Green
Image by claudia cate blanchett, rihanna, and sandra bullock image pulp fiction, music, and song image wednesday, quotes, and addams family image film, luc besson, and natalie portman image Temporarily removed
Devil Wears Prada / Ocean's 8 / Pulp Fiction/ The Addams Family (1&2) / Leon: The Professional / Mulan (1&2)
tv show
Temporarily removed got, game of thrones, and cersei lannister image brooklyn nine nine, jake peralta, and gina linetti image Image by ◇BAD◇ friends, Joey, and joey tribbiani image will smith, 90s, and fresh prince image
Stranger Things / Game of Thrones (before it's terrible ending,of course) / Brooklyn Nine-Nine / Everybody Hates Chris / Friends / Fresh Prince of Bel Air
️lorde image david bowie and bowie image Amy Winehouse, amy, and music image beautiful, girl, and soft image frank ocean, flowers, and music image the 1975, band, and matty healy image
Lorde / David Bowie / Amy Winehouse / Lana Del Rey / Frank Ocean / The 1975 (those are the ones I've been most listening to these times)
inspired, joy, and phrase image quotes, words, and kind image Temporarily removed art, quotes, and aesthetic image Temporarily removed eyes, good, and heart image
art and sculpture image Temporarily removed clouds, aesthetic, and art image Inspiring Image on We Heart It aesthetic, art, and museum image Image removed
I really love Renaissance art,and I think is the one that describes me best. the details,the drama,the colors... everything is so beautiful.


hope you liked it ♡

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