Time will wear thin our thread
And we will be unstringed
We’ll be together then
When we are both a part of everything
We outgrew when we were outgunned
and a day doesn't go by
that I wish I said a proper goodbye
But i'll still have me
even when the sheets go cold
I know why I'm carrying the blame
but it makes it hard to be alone
Because I wandered too far
and I grew up too fast
While you gave up too much
and couldn't take it all back
A hand down my throat and your eyes on the floor
The blood from the cuts drown out your
“I love you more”’s

Darling the day is dawning
rolling clouds and lavender lies
Dusk will bring destruction
and i'll be swept away by sapphire tides
You never took me for a killer
A flower and a pair of scissors
neglected, I got infected and began to

(not my photograph)