hey!! its been a while since I posted anything. So, as my life is a the greatest right now, I want to upload my recent morning routine.

I hope u'll enjoy โ™ก


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The first ting I do when I wake up is to study the bible, and to meditate ( it takes around 10 to 20 mins )
then I drink 2 glass of water and boil water and lemon for later


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I eat my breakfast, drink my lemon water while I read a book or watch the new on TV


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Its Time now to check quickly my notifications on my phone and to answers email. (I dont spend much time on socials at the moment)
then I clean and organise my room. I clear room reflect a clear mind right?


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Time to exercise, im doing the Emi Wong 1 month workout calendar, you can check it on youtube


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Lets start getting ready! I take a shower do my skincare, brush my teeth, dress and go on for the day!

thank you for reading this hope this inspired you a bit

all my love โ™ก

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