NAME: james sirius potter
NICKNAME: jamie, jace
BIRTHDAY: june 17, 2004
SIGN: gemini


harry potter and halfblood image


model, singer, and froy image Image by Florencia froy gutierrez, boy, and guy image boy, froy gutierrez, and teen wolf image
dark brown hair, freckles, light eyes, 5'11, (fc: froy gutierrez)


friends, chandler, and insane image Temporarily removed boy, quotes, and aesthetic image swear, jar, and aesthetic image
funny, charismatic but awkward around crushes, swears a lot, self-proclaimed disappointment, kind, activist, secretly loves books


aesthetic, gryffindor, and red image Inspiring Image on We Heart It harry potter, gryffindor, and hogwarts image gryffindor and harry potter image
james was sorted into gryffindor after thirty seconds. he exemplifies what gryffindor house stands for: courage, honor, and chivalry.


supreme, boy, and aesthetic image brown, fashion, and life image glasses, brown, and vintage image red and clothes image
james prefers comfort over fashion but somehow always looks good. he's usually seen in sneakers and a random jacket, with his signature glasses on (whether he actually needs them is always up for debate).


Inspiring Image on We Heart It harry potter, patronus, and deer image
like his father and grandfather, james' patronus is a stag. he gets taunted for not being "original" by his siblings, but he likes being close to harry and james i.


fire, nature, and camping image dew, nature, and theme image hair, kristen stewart, and ginger image book, aesthetic, and dark academia image
for james, amortentia smells like a crackling fire, freshly cut grass, his mother's perfume, and library books.


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james' best friend is his cousin, fred weasley ii. they've been practically inseparable since birth and mcgonagall calls them james and sirius 3.0. there's nothing james and fred won't do for each other.
music image maia mitchell and actress image
alice longbottom ii is a close friend of james'. they love to read together on the weekends at hogwarts and james might have the tiniest crush on her (don't tell anyone!)
beautiful boy, the king, and call me by your name image Image by ˗ˏˋjómeˎˊ˗
jack thomas-finnigan gets on james' last nerve but they really do love each other. they're great friends; jack's the only person that calls james 'jace' and, no matter how much he claims to hate it, james loves it.