Heyy ma dudesss!!!
I am going to do something totally random.
This week it was my job to decide and make my own diner. I am a bit obsessed with the climate crisis, the global warming, plastic waste and food waste. So this week I tried to minimal my ecological footprint. By wasting less plastic, eating no meat and trying to waste no food. Here is how my week went.

monday ~ pasta pesto
On mondays we where pink and we eat a healty pasta pesto

  • any pasta you like
  • pesto in a glass jar
  • pine nuts also in a glass jar
  • mushrooms
  • union
  • garlic
  • olive oil

How i made it (I never cook so if you die of food poisoning don't sue me I am just sharing it because I find it tastefull.):
First i cut the union and the mushrooms. cooked the pasta you can see how to on the box of the pasta. Mostly i just boil them and after 6 min or so i test if they are already soft.
While that is cooking I baked the union in olive oil and put some garlic with it. If that's all going great you can put the mushrooms and the pine nuts in the pan with the union. If everything is almost done you can put in A LOT of pesto in the pan with the union and stuff. By now your pasta should be ready and you can trow that in the same pan as the union. Put a bit more pesto in it and turn in around a bit so everything will be mixed and nothing will be burned. And your perfectly done!!!

This day I eat some bread that was almost trown away. With the bread I eat some tomato soup my mom made which was very delicious love her!! It was vegan by the way.

Wednesday: today i will be working almost the whole day so my boyfriend wants to cook. We are going to eat some random biological fish and a bit of mashed potatoes.

Well more days I wont be eating at home so I can't decide what to eat then but I will asure you guys it will be healty and good for the environment!!!