Yes, waking up in the morning is a difficult task for the latenight bugs but early to rise gives you a energetic vibe throughout the day.
TASK 1 : rise and shine with going for a walk or jog , as I have my puppy morning walk is necessary plus 30 minutes of workout session
TASK 2 : As i do the intermittent fasting ,its time to have the green tea with lemon and honey.
TASK 3 : Checkout the daily schedule , as i am a student I do have a schedule for studying which will be planned in the previous night.(like a to do list)
following it without compromising to anything or any situation is the best to achieve the long term goal..
TASK 4 : Making a note of next day's schedule.
TASK 5: Daily night skin care routine.
TASK 6 : Having a good night sleep for good mental and physical health.