Oh the Egyptian sunset
That shines on the dusty face of the 8 year old begging for her next bite.
Oh that Egyptian sunset
That Egyptian sunset that has set on 170 reigns of rich pharaohs
Oh that Egyptian sunset
That dawns on that 18 year old studying without electricity, hoping it would set a little slower.
Oh that Egyptian sunset
That grabs thousands of tourists from around the globe, hoping to catch the infamous Egyptian golden hour.
Oh that Egyptian sunset
That sets on me just as it sets on my president, reminding us that tomorrow awaits this country.
That this country i will continue to carry on my shoulder until the next sunrise.
It will burn my eyes as i look into what it has done for me.
It will boil the blood of the protestors that stood up for a rule that lasted too long.
It will feed that cotton that carries a family of too many members.
But it will set.
Reminding me that everything has an end. Telling me that i will carry it, but one day, i will pass it on.
And then it will rise.
Reminding me that even though i may take it off of my shoulder, it will always be in my heart.
Oh that Egyptian sunset
Shine on your modern pharaohs, give them hope for tomorrow.