This is a post about my friends, but, I made it through aesthetic pictures


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She's a very pretty girl, our meet was something weird, we share a little similar history that always make us laugh, she's like my best friend or maybe is cause i don't ever had one, she's always ready to say and made DRACARYS is her best cuality, i love her too much. And I love her way to be, she's always well make up and i love her art


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Him and I meet in a lonely way, at 12pm start to talk about anything that pass by our minds, was funny. He always made my make up and laugh abouth me. He always carge a bad face that looks like he wants to kill you, but inside is a funny and good person, always make me wake up, and realice the things. He is always ready to burn you up till the end and is kinda funny when he does . He's a great covers dancer, if u just scream BON BON CHOCOLAT in the street u had him dancing to it beside you.