♡Mermaids or Angels ?

mermaid, pink, and grunge image mermaid, ocean, and sea image
Mermaids, I believe that they exist

♡1900s or 2000s ?

meme, funny, and Joe Jonas image body and style image
2000s; the best era for fashion, movies and tv shows

♡Smooth Jazz or Beautiful Classical ?

ballet, black and white, and ballerina image dance, audrey hepburn, and black and white image

♡Extrovert, Introvert or ambivert ?

comfortable, introvert, and shy image friendship, introvert, and social anxiety image

♡Chocolate bars or lollipops ?

chocolate, pink, and food image pink, chocolate, and aesthetic image
Chocolate bars without hesitation !

♡Movies or Books ?

book, girl, and library image book, aesthetic, and white image

♡Spring or Autumn ?

autumn, leaves, and fall image shoes, autumn, and vintage image
Autumn !

♡Rain or Sunshine ?

rain, window, and green image autumn, fall, and leaves image

♡Dancing or Singing ?

dance, ariana grande, and chungha image dance, girl, and yuna image
Dancing, one of my dreams it's to become a kpop idols backup dancer !

♡Tea, Coffee or Hot Chocolate ?

Temporarily removed book, coffee, and aesthetic image
Coffee, of course

♡Favorite songs ?

jaemin, nct, and haechan image felix, gif, and han image
NCT DREAM - Boom and STRAY KIDS - Get Cool

♡Favorite Scent ?

Cinnamon image Cinnamon, fall, and autumn image

♡When do you usually wake up ?

bed, girl, and morning image balcony, coffee, and hair image
Around 9 AM

♡Favorite Book ?

books, series, and throne of glass image assassins, book, and bookworm image
Throne of Glass, from Sarah J. Maas

♡Favorite Subject ?

Image removed cat, kitten, and animal image

♡Least favorite subject ?

Temporarily removed ha, mathematics, and studying image

♡What team sports were you best at in P.E. ?

summer, volleyball, and beach image Temporarily removed
Volleyball and Basketball

♡Where do you go to study ?

study, book, and school image Temporarily removed
For the rare times that I picked up a book, I went on my desk

♡Took dance class ?

ballet, dance, and ballerina image ballet, dance, and ballerina image
No, but I always wanted to dance ballet