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Hey loves! I hope you all are doing well! Today's article is about how you can treat yourself. I feel that treating yourself is doing something that makes you really happy or that helps you de-stress. With the upcoming school year approaching it can get kind of stressful, so these are ways you can treat yourself when you need a breather!

Recently, I watched a movie called How to Be Single. The main character decided to do a bunch of things by herself for herself. It was all things that she really, really wanted to do, and I think that that is really important! We can become independent, so if you want to do any of these things by yourself, go for it! If you would rather do it with friends, awesome! Chase some dreams! :)

➳Take a warm bath

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Add whatever you want! Bubbles, bath salts, a bath bomb, etc. Turn on some relaxing music & just chill.

➳Eat a Full Breakfast

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During the school year many people feel they don't have time to eat breakfast, but make some time and eat a full meal! It will boost your mood and make you feel awake!

➳Read a book

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Let yourself relax in a comfortable area and just read for awhile.

➳Watch a movie

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Enjoy some popcorn and chillax while watching a new movie or an old favorite!

➳Take yourself out on a date

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Go out by yourself and do something you really enjoy! I personally love reading in coffee shops, and going bike riding!

➳Put on a face mask

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Relax to the max with a refreshing face mask. You can read or lie down and close your eyes while it’s on!

➳Paint Your Nails

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Put on whatever color you feel like or get your nails done at a salon!

➳Buy a New Piece of Clothing

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If there’s a top or a dress or anything (even a whole outfit) go and buy it!

➳Go to Bed Early

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Treat yourself and get a full 8-10 hours of sleep! You’ll feel fresh and awake the next morning.

➳Go for a Walk

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Walks are nice, especially when you can hear all the birds and the leaves rustling in the trees! It’s good to get some sun and fresh air.

➳Take a Nap

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Sometimes if you’re feeling tired, it's really good to let yourself sleep. Listen to your body and realize that you may need some extra sleep because you’re stressed.

➳Meditate/Do Yoga

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Take some time and reflect on yourself and how you’re feeling.

➳Do an Activity Outside

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You can do lots outside when the weather allows! You can read, listen to all the sounds and just breathe.

➳Go on a Picnic

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Pack yourself a sandwich or salad and some goodies and have a picnic outside!

➳Get Some Coffee

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Treat yourself to a nice (maybe even expensive!) latte or your favorite drink from a coffee shop!


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Journalling is a great way to express your feelings or reflect on your day. There are many types of journals, so you can find one that fits you!

➳Listen to Your Favorite Playlist

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Music is an amazing way to de-stress, so put on your fave playlist, sit and listen, close your eyes or do something productive if you want!

➳Go Out With Friends

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Go have some fun with your friends! You could go bowling, eat dinner or have a movie night!

➳Buy Some New Room Decor

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It’s fun to revamp your room every once in awhile! Buy some cute twinkle lights, a wall quote or a new bedspread!

➳Buy Yourself Flowers

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Get some beautiful and wonderful smelling flowers for your room or home!

➳Visit a Museum

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Museums are super cool and most of the time you get to experience something. In art museums you get the experience of feeling what each art piece makes you feel, which is so cool!

➳Clean/Reorganize Your Room

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Cleaning your room is a super productive thing! Once you’re done, you’ll feel accomplished!

➳Take a Road Trip

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Big or small, you don't need a destination. You could also just go for a drive for fun!

➳Learn a New Skill

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If you’ve really wanted to learn how to paint and never have, go try it! Find a class or diy and learn how to do something you’ve always wanted to learn!

➳Spend Time with Family

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Sometimes you just need some quality time with your family!

➳Dress Up

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Just for you! Wear a cute dress or an outfit you really love!

➳Eat Some Sweets

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It's okay to have sweets and junk food whenever you want!

➳Do a New Hair Style

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Try something you’ve never done with your hair. Maybe braid it differently, curl it, or dye it!

➳Cook Yourself a Full Meal

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Enjoy a meal with a main course, one or two sides, and dessert! You might have fun making it and you’ll feel great!


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Take some time to marvel at the stars. You can find constellations and maybe even a planet or two!


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Bake some cookies, brownies or cupcakes and enjoy!

➳Do Your Make-Up

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Get all dolled up for no real reason! Give yourself that killer highlight, make yourself shine!

➳Don’t Do Your Make-Up

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I know this is contradictory to my last idea, but if you constantly wear make-up, take a day off! It’s okay to let your face breathe.

➳Do a Social Media Cleanse

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Get rid of the negativity and things you don’t need on your phone or computer!

➳Watch a Sunset/Sunrise

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Watching the sun rise or set is such a beautiful thing, and it’s great to experience.

➳Sleep In

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If you have the time, let your body rest if it needs to!

➳Turn Off Your Phone & Computer

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Take a couple hours out of your day and turn off your phone/computer. You can find some other productive or fun things to do that don’t involve your electronics!

➳Stay in Your Pj’s All Day

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It’s nice to just take a day and stay in your pjs. It’s fun to wind down a bit!

➳Drink Some Tea

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Or your fave drink! I really enjoy tea, hot or cold. It’s refreshing!

➳Take a Hot Shower

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Stay in the shower as long as you want. Deep clean your hair and body, so that way you feel rejuvenated when you’re finished.

➳Wash Your Car

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Either by hand or at a car wash. It’s really fun to do it yourself though!

➳Have a Dance Party

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Get some energy out by blasting your favorite songs and dancing to them!

➳Go to the Library

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The library is a quiet place. It’s a great place to relax and read or do your homework.

➳Go Through Your E-mails

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Treat yourself by decluttering your e-mail! Once it’s clean you won’t feel as unorganized!

➳Clean Your Make-Up Brushes

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They’re always going to keep being dirty and gross if you don’t! Get the bacteria and make-up off!

➳Clean Out Your Closet

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Whatever you don’t want you can donate, which will make you feel good! You’ll know that you’re giving them away to someone who may be less fortunate than you are.

➳Wash Your Bedding

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There’s a lot of bacteria on our beds, so you’ll help yourself by cleaning your pillowcases and sheets each week or every 2 weeks! Plus, if you have pets you can wash the hair off!

➳Practice Self Love

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Use some positive affirmations, look in the mirror and tell yourself that you’re truly beautiful, or make a list of your best traits! Every body is a good body!

➳Go on an Adventure

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Go out with no real destination! Try a new coffee shop or store, you just might love it!

➳Light Some Candles

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Burn a nice smelling candle, and let its scent fill the room.

Thank you so much for reading this article! I hope you found some inspiration and have fun treating yourself! Don’t forget to smile and keep your head held high! I hope you have an exquisite rest of your day/night!
Xoxo, Jess :)

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